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Stressed Out

01.04.2014 (10:50 pm) – Filed under: Uncategorized

Currently a little stressed out; with studying this however will be resolved in Summer when I get some free time back to myself and I’m able to actually get some of my personal projects together and actually finished off.

Blender is amazing is what I can really say after spending a few weeks toying around with what little time I have even animation seems rather simple. With this I plan to reuse the skills that I’ve picked up and have been ever so tempted to make the odd tutorial here and there… It reminds me of some of my Counter Strike Source Map Making Days… Can’t believe my hard drive died I had lots and lots of maps what a royal annoyance that really was some time ago :S 80GB OF FILES !

TU100 OU

08.02.2014 (11:55 pm) – Filed under: Uncategorized

Well seems there is alot of people moving into the tech industry, which is highly worring as this will lead to a greater increase to competition. The good things about the future with the TU100 atleast it’s fun with the sense board. With the possibility of a job at the end of doing of a degree I’m very hopeful that life can only get better!

Node.js Webcam Streaming Impossible?

11.12.2013 (5:27 am) – Filed under: Rants

Probably is the case… however I really dislike how some of these major webcam chat rooms like chatroulette and others seem to think Adobe Flash is the way forward maybe in 1998 when silly Flash Animations used to be cool now they just heat up computers due to how badly coded they are this may be the same with html5 well… it’s nice but a little too late anyways just another rant which spending most of the night yielded guess what no results even git cloning lots and lots of repos to find that you need the server to have the webcam on….. ? Really no point then!

Doing the MU123

28.11.2013 (3:30 pm) – Filed under: Uncategorized

Since starting the MU123, I really haven’t been able to focus my main attention on any of the projects that I have lined up. So the drawing board is there hammering at my head telling me to continue… but then nothing I worry about the time it will take to get myself into the “Zone” of a project and blank everything else out. On the other hand when I start the TU100 I’m already getting excited with the projects that I might be able to build. However the Programming Language I’ve noted that is used is some primitive drag and drop interface; programmers holiday? Probably :)

Well Heck

20.11.2013 (2:44 am) – Filed under: Rants

It really does turn out I’m not as bad at Maths as I first initially thought however the depth and understanding of Math in greater detail is something that I don’t have a firm grasp this could be due to curriculum at my Secondary School. Regardless I have never encountered so much information about statistics in my life. It’s pretty good being an OU Student!

Considering other alternatives at the moment

19.10.2013 (6:37 pm) – Filed under: Rants

At the moment I’m having trouble keeping on top of most things, due to studying…